Sustainability | People


We don’t have a business without people, so our most important focus area must be the people who work at Tallink Grupp, the people who travel with us every day, the people who are our partners and help us deliver our services every day. We need to focus on the well-being of our employees and customers alike to offer them the most memorable experiences with us.

We are aiming to:

  • Ensure the physical and mental well-being of our staff by providing the best working conditions, necessary support and workplace policies that support a healthy and positive working environment;
  • Reduce harming behaviour across our services, thus also reducing anti-social behaviour and number of negative incidents;
  • Support community organisations and activities that align with our CSR strategy and areas of focus.

Protecting human rights across all company operations and the whole value chain is a priority for Tallink Grupp.

Our Human Rights policy statement can be read here (ENG)

Our Human Rights policy statement can be read here (FIN)

Our Human Rights policy statement can be read here (SWE)

Our Human Rights policy statement can be read here (LAT)

Safety and security on the highest level

The greatest priority for Tallink both on land and at sea is the safety of its passengers, and we shall not hesitate to invest money and time in increasing safety. 
Tallink complies with international safety regulations and with the requirements of the ISO 14000 environmental management standard in order to prevent accidents and the presence of danger to people and the environment. Our safety management system is audited every year by the experts of the independent risk assessment organization Lloyds Register, and Estonian, Swedish and Finnish maritime administrations.

Tallink aims to comply with the regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and to guarantee that our operations are safe for passengers as well as crew members. Since our employees are the key to guaranteeing safety, we are constantly developing their skills by training them. The proper procedure for crew members in emergency situations is practiced in drills and tests which are carefully monitored by inspection authorities.

All our vessels are equipped with life-saving and survival equipment which meets all requirements and is ready for use all day, every day, and all year round. Even so, the crews of Tallink and Silja vessels use their great expertise and long-term work experience, combined with an efficient safety system, in order to prevent the need to ever use the life-saving equipment.

There are a number of very important international regulations to ensure safe and secure passenger shipping. Tallink follows these regulations with the utmost punctuality.