Sustainability | Our strategy


Our goals are high, we want to have a clean Baltic Sea, reduce our climate impact, make economically wise decisions, and ensure that our employees, customers, and investors are not only satisfied, but happy. We know we are not yet perfect in this area, but we have the passion and desire to get there.

Sustainability | Our strategy | CSR Focus Areas | Matching U.N. Sustainable development goals

We have set clear goals linked them to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, metrics to assess development and impact – all that backed by concrete action plan to implement the strategy.

Our comprehensive sustainability strategy has an implementation plan with concrete goals. We are knowingly starting with activities where we know we have the greatest impact and need to take action fast. This helps us to get people on board with our new all-stakeholders-connecting-sustainability-agenda and therefore the change process within the organization will be smoother.

We have linked our goals and activities with the United Nations Development Goals to ensure there is clarity and clear links between our goals and actions with the bigger picture worldwide.