Tallink Grupp
in 2022

Tallink Grupp at a glance in 2023


13 passenger vessels
2 cargo vessels

regular routes
on the Baltic Sea
vessels in charter

Both long-term and medium-term

3 M
Club One members

3 in Tallinn
1 in Riga

Burger King

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania


in Tallinn


Estonia, Finland, Germany,
Latvia, Sweden


on board, on shore, on-line

2022 Key facts

  • 4904 employees as at 31 December 2022
  • 5.5 million passengers transported in 2022
  • Last travel restrictions resulting from the pandemic removed in the region in February 2022
  • 11 000 Ukrainian refugees transported free of charge on company vessels
  • MyStar delivered to the company on 7 December 2022
  • 4 new medium term vessel charter contracts for vessels Isabelle, Victoria I, Galaxy I, Silja Europa
  • First Sustainability Linked Loan agreed in December 2022
  • Net profit for the year 2022 EUR 13.9 million
  • Tallink vessels switching to shore power during longer stays reduces CO2 emissions by 7572 tons annually
  • Company vessels’ absolute emissions reduced by 51.9% since 2009

Sustainability at
Tallink Grupp

2022 was the year when we started in earnest the long road to recovery after the COVID pandemic years. The war in Ukraine threw us another curve ball at the start of the year, but we continued steadily and firmly onwards with our sustainability journey and took huge leaps towards achieving our goals.

Our focus was firmly on our ESG core areas and KPI’s set for our company back in 2019:

Looking after
the sea

Reduce waste

No single-use plastic

Reduce water consumption

Looking after

Reduce CO2 emissions by 2% annually

Reduce pollution

Become a paperless business

Looking after

Source products locally where possible

Source sustainable products where possible

Promote circular economy

Looking after

Give back to communities

Promote responsible service

Ensure health & wellbeing of colleagues

2022 Sustainability Highlights

I Environment

Environmental protection and management remain one of the priorities for the Group with every effort made across the fleet to reduce marine and air pollution, increase energy efficiency, control the use of chemicals and other pollutants, save resources, and reduce waste wherever possible. On shore, similarly, every effort is made in the company’s offices, terminals, the logistics centre, hotels, and restaurants to reduce our environmental impact and move towards even more sustainable operations.


Total emissions in 2022 increased compared to 2020 and 2021 due to increased operations after the COVID pandemic years. Since 2009, however, we have reduced absolute emissions by more than 50%.



Fuel and CO2 per passenger have reduced sharply compared to 2020 and 2021 due to increased passenger numbers, which reduce the per passenger figures. However, as passenger figures have not bounced back to pre-Covid levels, the per passenger figures are still higher than they were in 2019 and before.

In 2022 and early 2023 we also carried out Scope 1 and 2 emissions calculations for the whole Group and found that:

  • The company’s onshore CO2e emissions in 2022 had increased by 7.9% compared to 2021 with operations and business on shore recovering post-Covid.
  • Onshore CO2e emissions still formed only a fraction – 2.5% –of the company’s total emissions with the majority of the emissions coming from the shipping operations.
  • The bulk of the onshore emissions, 38%, comes from the Hotels operations.


In addition to managing and reducing our emissions, we focus heavily on reducing waste generated on our vessels as a whole and on ensuring that increasing amounts of our waste is reused or recycled.

In 2022 we again took charge of plastics reduction projects and, for example, stopped issuing Club One plastic membership cards and replaced small toiletries in cabins with wall-mounted refillable dispensers instead, thus reducing tons of plastic waste every year.


II People and communities

Our colleagues

Number of active employees (31.12.2022)

Includes 167 employees currently on maternity leave

Gender split across group

54% female / 46% male

Gender split on Management Board

40% female / 60% male

Age split across group




The health and safety of our employees is a top priority for Tallink Grupp. In 2022 we continued to monitor workplace accidents and incidents closely, improving risk management procedures, reporting and working towards an overall reduction in the workplace accidents rate. At the same time, Covid continued to prevail among the staff at least in the first half of the year, increasing illness rates compared to previous years.



At Tallink Grupp we believe that continuous training and work will offer our colleagues as many opportunities for personal growth through training as possible. Whether it is external training, in-house training, on-the-job training or mentoring, there are many opportunities for everyone at Tallink Grupp to enhance their knowledge and improve their skills.

A total of 291 training sessions were carried out by the Tallink Training Centre in 2022 with total training hours of 93 472. This gives an approximate 19 hours of training provided per employee in 2022.


In 2022, AS Tallink Grupp, like a vast number of other businesses around Europe and the globe, concentrated on playing its part in projects and initiatives supporting Ukraine.

All Russian and Belarusian goods were removed from the company’s shops’ shelves immediately after 24 February 2022, all activities and trade with Russia were stopped immediately when the war started, free transport was offered through the year to more than 11,000 Ukrainian refugees and tons of humanitarian cargo, two of Tallink Grupp’s vessels were rented out to governments to provide temporary housing for Ukrainian refugees.

Tallink staff organised a number of charity collections for Ukraine in general and many for Ukrainians temporarily staying on board the company’s vessel Isabelle in Tallinn.


As part of Tallink Grupp’s sustainability strategy, the company continues to work towards increasing its share of suppliers who are local to the company’s home markets and who use sustainable production practices.

In April 2023, Tallink Grupp had 3911 approved suppliers on its certified suppliers list (4349 at the start of 2022). The suppliers are:

  • 42% Estonian origin
  • 24% Finnish origin
  • 14% Swedish origin
  • Less than 5% other origin

III Governance

Whistle blowing reports made
Suspected corruption incidents
Human rights violations or reports
Fines the company has had to pay
GDPR or other data breach incidents reported
Governance related issues relevant and reportable

Tallink Grupp Sustainability Report 2022