Estonia-Finland Routes

We transport both passengers and cargo on the well developed Estonia-Finland route between Tallinn and Helsinki, the origins of which date back to the Soviet Union era. Approximately 97% of Finnish passengers visiting Estonia arrive by ferry. We have a strong position on this route and currently operate the cruise ferry Silja Europa and the  high speed ro-pax ferries Star and Megastar on this route.

The cruise ferry Silja Europa currently departs once a day from each port taking the evening departure from Helsinki and the voyage takes three and a half hours. Despite the short distance, Silja Europa offers a true mini-cruise experience during which passengers from Finland spend the evening and night on the cruise ferry and are able to spend a few hours in Tallinn in the morning before the ship returns to Helsinki.
With the delivery of our new generation high speed ro-pax vessel Star in spring 2007 the new product Tallink Shuttle was launched. In spring 2008 the Shuttle service was added the second fast passenger ferry - Superstar - Superstar - which was replaced in 2017 with a brand new fast ro-pax ferry Megastar. Tallink now provides 12 fast ferry departures per day. The crossing is made in two hours and as such, the fast ferries are ideal for passengers who need to reach their destination quickly. As Star and Megastar have a high ice class, the high speed service offered between Tallinn-Helsinki is now available all year around. Passengers on these vessels include business travellers, day cruisers and passengers with overnight hotel packages. Star and Megastar combine the comfort of a cruise ferry and the speed of a high speed ferry and it  is also suitable for transporting heavier ro-ro cargo.
In addition, since 2017 we also operate a ro-ro cargo service between Muuga and Vuosaari with our cargo vessel SeaWind.