Group Structure

As of 31 December 2020, the Group comprised 47 companies. All subsidiaries are wholly owned by Tallink Grupp AS.

The following diagram* represents the Group’s structure at the reporting date.

Group's Structure

* An illustrative structure of AS Tallink Grupp. All of the companies are 100% owned by AS Tallink Grupp


Changes in Group structure

In February 2020, Hansatee Cargo AS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tallink Grupp AS, was merged with the Group company Tallink AS and thereafter deleted from the Commercial Registry.

In April 2020, TLG Agent OÜ, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tallink Grupp AS, was renamed LNG Shipmanagement OÜ. The main activity of the subsidiary is to provide crewing service.

In June 2020, Tallink Latvija AS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group, registered a wholly-owned subsidiary in Latvia – SIA BK Properties. The purpose of founding the subsidiary is the acquisition and holding of real estate properties for the operation of Burger King restaurants in Latvia.

AS Tallink Grupp

Holding & Operation company

Ship-owning Companies - 15

Sales & Operations Companies - 9

Service Companies - 22

ISO 14001:2015 issued by Lloyds Register

All vessels sailing under the brands of Tallink and Silja Line have the high level international environmental management certificate ISO 14001:2015 issued by Lloyds Register.