The Group aims to be the leading provider of mini-cruise and passenger transport services in all the regions the Group operates, as well as the leading provider of ro-ro cargo services on selected routes.

The Group's strategy is to operate the high-quality fleet, which enables to offer highest quality short cruise and transportation products and to strengthen the market position in the region.
High standard of the Group's fleet is one of the cornerstones of its profitable operations. Additionally, the wide range of Group's travel related services help to maximize the revenues per customer.

The company's vision is to be the market pioneer in Europe by offering excellence in leisure and business travel and sea transportation services. Our customer value proposal is to offer an enjoyable travel experience that exceeds customer expectations and makes them want to return.
The Group will focus on the customers satisfaction, on the loyal customers program and will target Nordic markets in order to strengthen the customer base and to improve the result of the operations overall.
The main goal for the Group is to offer excellence in leisure, entertainment and travel services; providing every passenger with the best travel experience and delivering the highest level of customer service.
The Group remains open for the growth and expansion opportunities.