Corporate responsibility in AS Tallink Grupp

There are many ways to describe the essence of Corporate Responsibility. Nevertheless the core message is the same – it is about the sustainable way of operating an organization. This is a principle that the management of AS Tallink Grupp firmly believes in.
The CR strategy is a vital and inseparable part of the general business strategy. All units as well as external stakeholders are engaged in following the principles, which have been set as priorities.
The priorities are:
  • Safety and security of the highest level
  • Environmentally responsible operations
  • Responsible employment
  • Responsible customer service
  • Ethical corporate governance
  • Engagement
ISO 14001:2015 issued by Lloyds Register

All vessels sailing under the brands of Tallink and Silja Line have the high level international environmental management certificate ISO 14001:2015 issued by Lloyds Register.